How long does the GLP program take?

ICBC designed the GLP program to foster proper and effective learning that produces lifelong safe drivers. It is designed to span one year, and 0nce you begin the program, you have up to 365 days to complete all three sections of the required training (Theory Classes, Online Self-Directed Modules and In-Car Lessons. The GLP program is not designed to be condensed into a few months prior to the road test.

Students progress more quickly if they have lots of support from the parent or co-driver and get plenty of supervised practice. ICBC recommends a minimum of 60 hours while in the “L” stage. Research shows that students who get 120 or more hours of supervised practice while in the “L” stage have 40% fewer crashes and violations when they begin to drive solo as an “N” driver. This is what we recommend.

In-car lesson frequency is flexible, based on the goals of the student and their schedule flexibility. Lessons should be spaced far enough apart to allow students time to practice in between and acquire the skills introduced by their driving coach.


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