The Road Test Package

Available Packages

Package Format Duration Cost
Road Test Package
  • One-on-One
  • In Vehicle
2 Hours CAD $220
Single Lesson Road Test Package
  • One-on-One
  • In Vehicle
3.5 Hours CAD $375
Double Lesson Road Test Package
  • One-on-One
  • In Vehicle
5 Hours CAD $530

Please call our office to confirm schedule availability before booking your road test appointment with ICBC

The Road Test Package offers a convenient solution for drivers ready to take their exam.

A Road Test Package is a 2-hour service that starts with a warm-up drive to help get students settled prior to the exam. The warm-up will end with getting the vehicle parked and ready at the test centre for the Check-In time. Our school vehicle will be used by the student and the examiner for the test, and then we will drive the student home.

If the Road Test is scheduled within your area of residence, the student can be picked up from and dropped off at home. Students who schedule Road Tests at other test centres outside of their area will need to meet the coach at the test centre location. There will also be a Travel Surcharge based on the distance/time to the alternative test centre.

Road Test Packages are an add-on service that can be purchased on its’ own or added onto a GLP or Lesson Package.

Please note that even if you purchase a Road Test Package product from us, we cannot guarantee that we can accommodate the booking, based on coach availability. It is highly recommended to book your Road Test well in advance so that we have the best chance to get it into the calendar. It is also important to leave enough time before your Road Test to complete all your requirements. If you complete a road test prior to completion of the elements, you will not achieve GLP designation.

Road Test Packages can only be purchased directly through the office, to ensure availability prior to purchase.