The mission of Driving Unlimited Academy is to help make Canadian roads safer by incorporating the latest research-based methods of teaching new drivers the skills and techniques necessary for a lifetime of safe driving.

About Driving Unlimited Academy

Driving Unlimited Academy offers a full spectrum of training that goes well beyond fundamental rules and traffic regulations. Through a carefully-planned combination of theory classroom, in-car lessons, and online modules, novice drivers will learn the numerous skills, core competencies, and defensive driving techniques that are crucial for safe and enjoyable driving. The comprehensive services we offer include:

  • Current and interactive theory sessions
  • Relevant online modules
  • Comprehensive, scaled in-car lessons that include night and highway driving
  • Pick-up and drop-off service*

*Within our service area. Please contact us for details.

History of our Driving School

More than 20 years ago, we started as a local company named Driving Unlimited, with the goal of providing a higher level of driver training to a wide variety of clients using the most up to date training methods. It proved to be very successful and, before long, Driving Unlimited was offering advanced driver training services to a wide range of customers such as police forces, government agencies, private corporations, performance car clubs and vehicle manufacturers.

Along the way, we were encouraged by ICBC to take the successful techniques we had developed for advanced driver training, and apply them to a training model for new drivers. We responded, and in 2008, Driving Unlimited Academy was born, operating close to our home base in the Ridge Meadows area. ICBC respected us, our students loved us, and we grew steadily as time went by.

In 2012, we were approached by Daimler Corporation in Germany, who were developing a worldwide training model called Mercedes-Benz Driving Academy, using research from a worldwide base of training professionals. We were chosen to introduce this model to the Canadian market.

We worked side by side with the curriculum experts for a year to develop the Graduated Licensing Program theory and practical training methods that are still in use today. We used the best of what both organizations had to offer, resulting in industry-leading GLP theory and in-car coaching methods.

Through our unique coaching method, based on practices developed by the HERMES Project in Europe, we continue to offer exceptional driver training and education on the road, driving course, classroom, and online, with the persistent aim to prepare new drivers for a lifetime of safe and confident driving behind the wheel.

Then COVID-19 struck, forcing – first, closure – and then many immediate changes to our industry. No longer were we able to conduct live classroom sessions. Our adaptation was swift. The revised Driving Unlimited Academy was launched. We developed a high-quality Online GLP theory course. We built a sophisticated broadcast studio, enabling us to present a professional quality training course, which remains engaging and interactive. We adopted safe in-car practices that have kept our students and instructors healthy during the thousands of driving lessons conducted during the COVID period.

As we embark on this new phase of our school’s journey, our students and clients will find that, while a few things have changed, more things have remained the same. We are still the same passionate trainers, with the same top-notch curriculum, with successfully proven training methods and a continued commitment to develop the safest drivers possible.