Driving Unlimited Academy Terms and Conditions

Purchase of our services online indicates acceptance of these terms and conditions as laid out below.

Cancellation / Refund Policy:

Non-GLP Services – All services are refundable. Unused services are refunded at the price paid, minus a 10% processing fee. Purchased lessons are valid for 36 months, after which they are used as a credit towards lessons at the current market price.

GLP Packages – GLP courses are sold as a discounted bundle of individual retail products. These products are non-transferrable, and all elements need to be completed by the originally assigned driver. Any transfer of products, or refund request, breaks up the bundle and treats the fee payment as a credit towards the full retail value of these purchased elements. Purchased packages are valid for 36 months, after which they are used as a credit towards lessons at the current market price.

If you completely withdraw from the GLP Course prior to 14 days before your registered GLP course start date, you will be refunded your full course fees minus a 10% registration fee. Within 14 days of the course start date, there are no refunds for unused Theory Classes. If you choose to withdraw from the course, refunds will be calculated based on the amount you paid minus the portions that have been used. Upon withdrawal from the GLP course, the portions of the program lose their discount and are valued at full retail. The Theory course is valued at $480. Completed In-Car Lessons are valued at the lesson retail value at the time of withdrawal. These will be deducted from your paid registration fee. The balance remaining is subject to a 10% processing fee, and the difference shall be refunded back to you within 14 days. Due to the discounted nature of the GLP course, there will be no refund after completion of the 7th lesson.

Cancellation / Missed Theory Class Policy: All Theory Classes must be completely attended as per ICBC GLP requirements. If a class is missed, that class is forfeited and a Make-Up Theory Class must be purchased for $55, based upon availability.  If a complete course change is made within 14 days of the course start date, there will be a 4 X $55 charge for rescheduling all 4 classes of the Theory Course. Make-up fees are subject to change without notice.

Cancellation / Missed In-Car Lesson Policy:  Students may cancel or reschedule In-Car Lessons up to 24 hours before the scheduled lesson time. If a lesson is cancelled or rescheduled within 24 hours of the originally scheduled lesson time, the lesson will be forfeited. If the coach arrives at the arranged pick-up location and the student is not available, or does not have their licence, the lesson will be forfeited. In order to reinstate the forfeited lesson, a $55 reinstatement fee must be paid. Reinstatement fees are subject to change without notice. Lesson cancellations that are close to the 24 hour window must be cancelled via email to info@duacademy.com AND by contacting your coach to avoid charges.

In-Car Lessons: The In-Car Driving Lessons will be scheduled based on availability of the coach and the student. Lessons will be delivered within the vicinity of either your home address, or a pre-arranged local meeting point. Each In-Car Driving Lesson will be 90 minutes. Lessons will consist of up to 15 minutes of review of previous lessons and debrief of the current lesson, plus approximately 75 minutes driving. There will be a maximum of 3 people (1 observing) in the training vehicle during the student’s lesson time as per ICBC requirements, and to avoid vehicle over-crowding. All In-Car Lesson bookings are based upon the ability of the student to fit into the coaches’ schedule. We cannot guarantee lesson completion within a certain timeframe, as it is based on the student’s schedule flexibility.

Graduated Licensing Program Timeline: ICBC requires completion of all the GLP requirements within 365 days from the Official ICBC GLP Start Date in order to receive the benefit of the six-month reduction of the “N” stage of the graduated license.  In the event a student misses a Theory Class or In-Car Lesson, they will need arrange to make-up that class. DUA will not be able to issue the ICBC Declaration of Completion document unless all the GLP course requirements have been satisfied.

All GLP requirements must be completed within the “L” stage of the graduated license. If a student passes an ICBC road test prior to completion of the GLP course elements, ICBC will not grant the six month “N” stage reduction. Therefore, it is very important that road test appointments NOT be booked until consulting with our office. If you have a road test appointment already booked, there is no guarantee that we can meet that deadline, due to coach capacity and GLP requirements.

Road Test Packages: Road Test Packages are a 2-hour service and are not part of the GLP program. Road Test Packages are sold as a stand-alone product and an add-on to the GLP Course as a convenience. Road Test Packages include a 45-minute warm-up prior to the test, and the use of our school vehicle for the ICBC road test. Road Test Packages include travel to the closest ICBC from the pick-up point (home or otherwise agreed upon). DUA will assign a coach based on location and availability and coach choice is not available. There is no guarantee that we can accommodate your ICBC Road Test appointment, due to coach availability.If that is the case, you have the option to reschedule your Road Test appointment with ICBC to a later date in order to redeem your service, convert your road test package into an extra lesson, or request a refund. Refunds are subject to 10% processing fee.

Rescheduling Lessons: DUA reserves the right to reschedule a student’s appointment due to unforeseen circumstances such as scheduling conflict, illness, vehicle safety issue, or another emergency.  DUA will notify the student as soon as possible when any of these circumstances arise, and the student will not be charged to reschedule the lesson. DUA also reserves the right to reschedule a Theory Class if there is insufficient enrollment – as per ICBC regulations for minimum attendance.

Coach Assignments: DUA assigns coaches based on service areas and student load. Periodically these variables change, and you may be subject to a coach change. The coach assignment is at the discretion of the company, and we cannot guarantee that the students will complete all their lessons with the same coach. If you choose to follow a coach to another service area, home pick-up is not available.

Refusal of Service: An in-car lesson will not be conducted, and will be considered a forfeiture, if the student does not have their valid, original licence with them, or if the coach has concerns about their current mental or physical ability to conduct the act of driving.

By completing this sale, you have acknowledged that you have read and understand the terms of this document. You also represent and warrant to DUA that you are either the parent or legal guardian of the student being enrolled or, if you are the student, that you are at least 19 years of age.

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