Driver Coaching – not driver ‘instructing’

The Driving Academy difference

Our highly experienced team is comprised of some of the most qualified and advanced instructors in the industry, who will ensure that every student receives the highest level of training. Our training methods and classroom content are research based and developed by our expert curriculum team based in the UK.

If we are to produce safe drivers, students must learn to be aware, independent and pro-active. Coaching is our way to promote these skills. Instead of relying on constant instructions, students learn to set their own goals, evaluate their driving skills and take responsibility for their actions. This results in students who are better prepared – able to make good decisions and take responsibility when they begin solo driving.

Our driving coaches maintain regular contact with parents throughout the program. It is important parents become aware of any issues and that we can ensure that co-driver led supervised practice compliments the in car lessons with the driving coach. Parents are welcome to ride along during in-car lessons at any time (once COVID restrictions end).

Ensuring our Student’s Safety and Security

You can feel confident your new driver will be safe and secure with our coaches. In addition to the mandatory background checks including driving history and detailed RCMP background checks that are updated every two years, our coaches are subject to rigorous initial training and ongoing development. Our standards are the highest in the industry because we know how important the safety of your teen driver is to you. And of course, all lessons are performed in new vehicles – some of the world’s safest and most advanced vehicles on the road today.

Pick-up and Drop-off Service

We provide students with home or school pick-up and drop-off service, within your local training area, for our behind-the-wheel driving sessions. We realize that parents are busy, so we want to do everything we can to make it convenient for them.

Loaded with safety features and designed to perform.

All of our coaches are fully qualified. They must undergo comprehensive training and continue to develop professionally to work at our academy. We teach them coaching skills for driver training and awareness, how to best involve parents in the learning process and how to maximize their ability to work with teens.