Personal Risk Assessment

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Online Assessment
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30 Min CAD $50.00

The safety of a new driver depends on a number of factors. These include previous training, the amount of experience and a wide range of potential risks. In addition, a person’s driving style is also heavily influenced by their personality and character traits. For example, consider the driving style of a person who is naturally very calm, and then compare that to a driver who tends to be very impatient.

For this reason, the cornerstone of our driver education philosophy focuses on how each individual’s personality may influence their driving behaviour.

Our proprietary 20-minute online assessment was designed by psychologists at the University of Cranfield in the UK, building on their research to provide feedback to new drivers on how his/her personality may influence their driving style. The ultimate aim of the assessment is to raise the new driver’s awareness of any character traits that could affect their safety, providing an opportunity for discussion between the parent or driving coach and the student.

* Personal Risk Assessment is included in the Graduated Licensing Program