New Study of ICBC Approved GLP Course: Grads are Safer, Pass Road Test Sooner

ICBC releases the results of their study of GLP course graduate’s driving experience. It’s good news.*

The numbers support what we have been saying all along. New drivers that take an ICBC approved GLP course have fewer crashes, fewer violations and have a first-time road test pass rate almost 20% higher than drivers who don’t take a GLP course. Over the five years covered by the study, GLP course grads had an average of 11% fewer at-fault crashes than their peers who did not take the course.

Over 12,000 at-fault crashes could have been avoided if all new drivers took a GLP course.

If one considers the full cost of vehicle collisions – health, property, first responders, lost productivity and the like, ICBC could have saved well over 100 million dollars over the 5 years of the study if all drivers took an approved GLP course.

A big opportunity to reduce insurance costs and make our roads more safe is right in front of us.

In the conversation regarding the high costs of vehicle insurance, court settlements and safety, you rarely hear driver training cited as part of the solution. We hope that with continued efforts to collect and evaluate data, training will be better recognized as part of the solution.








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