FAQ: Resuming In-Car Lessons and Classroom Sessions

We have resumed in-car lessons as of June 1st. We’re happy to report that so far things are going well and our students and coaches are adapting to the COVID-19 in-car environment very well. A few things have come up during the re-start that Parents and Students should know:

Q: Do I have to wear a mask in the car and in the classroom?

A: Masks are mandatory on all in car lessons. Students should bring their own masks to their driving lessons. In the classroom, where social distancing is not possible, masks must be worn. Again, students should bring their own masks to the classes.

Q: Is my same coach available to teach my driving lessons?

A: In many cases you’ll be able to start scheduling lessons with your original coach. We have about 80% of our coaches available at this stage of the re-start – not all of our coaches have resumed in-car lessons. Our policy at this time is to allow coaches and students decide when they feel comfortable to resume lessons in-car. Because of this, you may be matched up with a different coach temporarily.

Q: Are there long wait times for lessons?

A: There may be longer than normal wait times to take your lessons. This varies from area to area – in some locations wait times are shorter than others. We ask for your patience – we have fewer coaches in some areas and we’re doing fewer lessons per day to allow for proper cleaning of cars and the new COVID-19 pre-lesson process. If you need help setting up a lesson, please call our office at 604-460-5004 (Greater Vancouver) or 250-860-1888 (Kelowna)

Q: Is ICBC doing road tests?

A: As of this writing ICBC has not announced when they will resume Class 7N or Class 5 road tests. Information will be widely distributed through regular media and available on our website when road tests resume.

Q: Can I get my L License yet?

A: Yes. Call the ICBC Driver Licensing number at 1-800-950-1498 or 250-978-8300. They will take a message, call you back and schedule a time and location to take your knowledge test to get your Learner’s licence. For more info, visit https://www.icbc.com/about-icbc/contact-us/Pages/covid-19.aspx

Q: Will GLP completion dates be extended by ICBC?

A: We don’t know yet, but our expectation is that there will be allowances in the form of extended completion times granted due to the interruption caused by COVID-19. Again, we will post that information on our website as soon as we get it from ICBC

Q: Has the GLP Course schedule changed?

A: Yes. Previously posted course dates are no longer valid. Due to COVID-19 orders for the number of persons allowed in businesses, we’re not able to do classroom sessions in the Mercedes-Benz Dealerships right now. We will conduct GLP classes in alternative venues in Vancouver and Kelowna and our Pitt Meadows classroom is open. Please contact our office for dates and locations that will be the most convenient for you.

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